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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A monday with welding in agg?

On monday of April 25th 2011 the Agg class is starting the next week with welding. For the first couple day the class learning about safety. You will need to answer a few questions in the book to make sure your not getting confused or mess up while your welding. The class learned about what you should wear and what you should not wear. When you get ready to weld you need to have a long sleeve on with jeans with no holes and some hard shoes so when the sparks fly it would burn a hole in your outfit. For the first time the class went out to the shop and see what we are all using and what we will all need to watch out. There is way more then just getting ready to go. The main thing the class learned was about eye proaction. The bright light from the plasma cutter can really hurt your eyes and can do some damage. Also, the class learns about the different helmets you need to wear. It goes from 1-7 shades.
In the picture it shows you what the class had to do and some safety tips.

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