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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turkish Plays. Monday April 10th.

This photo above is a picture of my partner, Haley Donahue, and our script.

In comp/speech, Mrs.Walders 10th grade class has been working on writing play scripts to get an understand of what we will be doing next. We have been learning about turkish plays and we will be preforming and writing a turkish play. We will then preform these to some elementry students. Today we worked on Finishing up are practice script. This script had to involve two animals and also two turkish play characters. The preformance has to be at least one a half minutes long or two and a half minutes long. First we had to pick where our story takes place. We could do anywhere that we wanted as long as it is one of the biomes that we are learning about in our biology classes. Good thing we are learning about them biomes so who have some clue about what the area is like and what animals live there. Once we finished we had the choice to rehearse so we know how long it is and also sense practice makes perfect!These plays still are around these days.

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