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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Just for Juniors

The juniors weren't the only ones busy testing this week. Elementary and middle schoolers had to be thinking hard this week as well. The 6th and 7th graders were tested over math and reading. The 8th graders had a little more to do as they were tested in the subjects of science, math, and reading.
"Math is my favorite subjects to be tested over because it is the easiest," said 7th grader Morgan Engelkes. Most students said that the reading was the worst because you have to read long stories that are not interesting at all.
Just like the juniors, the other grades test in the same way. They have a designated time to do their testing and they must not go past that time. Each of the subjects has a different time limit depending on how many questions their are and how long it will take the students. All of the test were in the same form, where they have to fill in either bubble A, bubble B, bubble C, or bubble D. There are numerous amounts of criteria to consider before and after taking the Dakota Step Test.

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