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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Summer Job!

Well this past week I have told you about other sophomores and their plans and jobs for this summer. I first started off telling you about Haley Donahue and her job at DJO. Then I told you about Lexi Anderson and her plans for the summer, she will be babysitting and maybe waitressing. Personally I would NEVER be able to be a waitress because I shake way to much and would get too nervous. I could never see myself working at a food place. And in my previous post I talked about Brent Krause and his plans on working with his dad this summer and having the opportunity to play baseball, go to basketball camps, and best of all hang out with friends.
Now that you know what other sophomores are doing I will tell you what I might be doing this 2011 summer.
To start off the summer i signed up/filled out an application to clean buses for the school along with a few other of my friends. I did this last year and it was a pretty good time! I will be going to basketball camps and be in the gym a ton this summer, I am also playing on an 18 and under softball team this year just like last year and it is a blast so I am excited. I am going to enhancement all summer long and I will be attending the lake a bunch this summer because my grandpa has a house out on a lake. It is my favorite place to go. Then I might be working with a mowing company and summer rec. To top all of this off I get to hang out with my friends and have a great summer.

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