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Monday, April 11, 2011

First Time on The Golf Course

Today we will be going to the Clear Lake golf course for the first time in over three months! We have been working on chipping and putting as much as we can before our first meet tomorrow in Clark. We have been at the Deuel baseball field this past week, because the golf course has been under water and too wet for us to get out there and get practicing. The baseball field has not been to bad but it is not the same as going on to the real golf course to practice. While out at the baseball field we hit golf balls back and forth to flags because we do not have holes to hit it into. We have not had any practice on a real green yet this year.
Tomorrow is our first meet in Clark and it will be interesting to see how thing goes for us who haven't had the chance to swing our drivers or get onto a real putting green. It might be kind of interesting, we start out with 9 holes for our first season meet. It might be kind of chilly outside but not too bad.
This season will be very interesting and we will have many memories made!

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