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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Job or No Job?

"Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!" We all hear from our parents harping on us to get a job for the summer. In my previous post I talked about Sophomore Haley Donahue plans for having a job this summer. In this post I will be telling your about Sophomore Lexi Anderson's plans for the summer. In the last post Haley knew what she was doing with her working experience for the next couple months. But on the other end of things Lexi is not quite positive what she will be doing with all her time. Currently she will be watching the same little girl she did last summer but now Nora is two. Ooo, those terrible two might get to her. Lexi will be watching the little toddler three or four times a week, depending on her mom's schedule at the Hendricks Hospital in Hendricks, MN. Lexi got the job with the help of her mom Nancy who also works at the hospital in Hendricks. Lexi is also considering on working out at Shady Beach as a waitress for the summer. It would mostly be evenings. "I don't know if I would be good at waitressing, my luck I would spill someone's plate all over someone's face!" says Anderson. Lexi also thinks the tips wouldn't be too bad but might as well try right!

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