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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't Disturb the Testers!

Today was the first day that the juniors had their Dakota Step Testing. They tested from 8:10 a.m. until lunch time at 11:35. The tests were taken in Mr. Rosdahl's room and Ms. Eggers' room. The juniors did the reading portion of the test and started the science portion. Junior Paige TeGantvoort said, "The science was better because I hate reading and it takes a long time."
"I like the bubbles, the fact that it is a bubble test is the best part. I like when you are done and you get to eat," said junior Shelby Rindels. Most of the juniors would agree that they Dakota Step Tests are much better than the ACT's.
People are advised to not disturb the test takers so that they can be fully focused on the test and so that there are not distractions for them. The picture on the top left is of the signs that are put up cautioning people to not disturb. On the bottom left, you see Dwayne Redlin working hard on his test.