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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jammie Jeans

I don't know about anyone else, but there are some days when I would rather just not wear jeans. And on those days I would much rather wear sweatpants. But don't you ever wish you could get the feel of sweats with the great look of jeans. The answer to your prayers is Pajama Jeans! They look like denim jeans, but they're soft and stretchable like your favorite pair of sweatpants.
I have never personally owned a pair, nor have I ever see someone wearing them. I am, however, tempted to buy them just to see what they really feel like. But I feel like $50 is just a little too much for a product I'm unsure about. They're made out of DormiSoft fabric and feel like cotton. They're styled to fit like bootcut jeans and have stylish stitching on the back pockets.
I found a blog by Perez Hilton about a designer company designing a pair of luxury pajama jeans, except they're marketing them as sweat jeans. They're described as skinny jeans with an elastic drawstring waistband.

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