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Thursday, April 7, 2011

End of Projects!

Today in American Lit everyone presented their Of Mice and Men projects. Most people drew a picture in my class. Only two or three people from my class didn't draw a picture and that includes me. All the pictures looked really good. Nobody seemed too stressed about the projects over all. Everyone in my class seemed to get them done with no problem. One person in my class decided to write a poem, which was really quite clever. Every student had to present one of their projects. Another student wrote the research paper and she chose to write it about the Dust Bowl from the 1930's. If you wrote anything and presented it, you only had to tell about the highlights of your project.
I found a blog on the book Of Mice and Men. A girl has this blog called Stuff for Teens and its basically a blog where she writes about books recommended for teens. One of her recent blogs was about Of Mice and Men. She wrote that you can find it in the adult section but its a great book for teens to read. She mentioned that she remembered everything from the book when she read it in high school.

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