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Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Help in Rwanda!

In many developing countries, childbirth is the number one killer for mothers and babies. Rwanda is one of the worst countries for this. Women are having babies at home where there is nobody to help the mother or baby during and after childbirth. Many babies died soon after they were born and even some mothers were killed while birthing their child.
Luckily for the women of Rwanda, there was recently a new rural hospital built. It is already helping mothers and babies in the country. The first baby born had difficulty breathing, but ultimately survived. The country also had a lot of help from others in building this because they had no where near enough money to build this hospital. The U.S.-based non-profit Partners in Health was a huge help to the country. They gave Rwanda $4 million.
I personally think this is wonderful. The women and children of Rwanda really needed this. With the genocide happening just over 15 years ago, the people of Rwanda didn't need new babies being killed before they can experience life. Also for their mothers to die along with the babies, it was especially not needed for Rwanda since they are still trying to build up their population.
The picture above is of the new hospital which was posted on Times LIVE.

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