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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Golf Meet

Well our first golf adventure today in Clark was pretty unique and interesting. On the way to the golf meet we took two vans as usual, one van consisted of us four girls; Kali, Stacey, Jayda and I. On the way to every meet our tradition is that I sing songs to the members in the van! Today I sang Forget You, and I am pretty sure that my van loved it. The van rides are the best Coach Lundberg always drives us girls to every meet. The other van consist of the boys and their driver either Todd or Monica Hanten. Today we had a predicament where I could not wear my hair in a ponytail and it was windy so in our van we decided it would be funny if we took sun screen and slicked my hair back, or if we took our headbands and wrapped them around my head. But both of them sounded to silly to be done, so Kali tried to braid my hair and try and put it up without using a ponytail but that did not work to well. So Jayda had that fantastic idea about slicking my hair back but decided I could just use her hat and then the problem was solved.

The golf meet went well Kali shot a 43, Stacey a 48, me a 49, and Jayda a 52. Our team did really well for the first time being on the golf coarse and being able to putt. There were some very interesting circumstances today tho, for the first time in my life at a golf meet I had to hit out of a snow bank and you know how that goes, not so well. For the first time this year we had a great time and did pretty well.

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