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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the presentations begin

Presentations began today and the students are almost done with this project and on to the next. Students have done a great job so far and of course you can tell who put the time into this project and who didn't put as much, but overall very good for the first day of presentations. Dylan Amdahl and Nick Jones were a group and they taught their story through a presentation feature in NeOffice. Different ways can be used to teach the class the main point of the story. Four groups presented today and they all had a different way of teaching it back. Most groups today just made a slide show in NeOffice, but their was also some who used Keynote. These applications are all available on our computers. Some stories were quite hard to follow, but it made you think and really look back and see what happens and makes you understand it more. Presentations were all very good today and we still have two more days of presentations. One presentation was "The Leap," which was presented and read by Brandi Barondeau, Ashley Roberts, and Danielle Esche.

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