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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Ryan Damm will be spending his weekend in Rochester with his family. On Thursday evening Damm will be spending his night working or fixing something up. When Friday morning comes, Ryan will be sleeping in then on the road to make his long journey with his family. Ryan Damm will be spending quality time with his family this weekend.
Lexi Anderson will be spending time with friends and family over her weekend. Thursday and Friday night Anderson plans on spending as much time with friends as possible. Lexi says she would much rather be with friends then at home cleaning any day. When Sunday comes around Anderson will be making a trip to Sioux Falls to spend the day with some relatives. When in Sioux Falls she will be going out to eat with her family members. After Sunday Lexi is very excited to be eating cheetos again, because that is what she gave up for lent.
Picture to the left is a picture of (L to R) Erin Engelkes and Lexi Anderson excited for the weekend!

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