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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Accidental School Shooting

Another day, another news story coming out of Texas. Today while skimming through CBS News and CNN, I found a story about a kindergartner who brought a shotgun to school. The gun was fired in the lunchroom after it fell from his pocket when he sat down and accidentally discharged.
The six-year old boy and two classmates, another six-year old boy and five-year old girl, were injured on their legs and feet from fragments from the bullets. Classes resumed at the elementary school that day, but parents were notified and allowed to take their children home.

I think it's a little ridiculous that parents would make a gun available to a six-year old child like that. I know they weren't handing it to him and telling him to take it to school, but obviously he was curious enough to take it to school and it wasn't hidden or locked up if he could get to it without his parents knowing. CNN News also said in 2006-2007 there were 2,700 students disciplined or expelled for bring a weapon into school and 15% of those were students in an elementary school! That number is crazy! I didn't even think about guns when I was that little. If anything, I was probably too scared to touch one!

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