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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who will move to next game?

Who do you think will be playing in that NCAA Division I National Championship Game? Several have opinions on who will win, but no one thought these would be the teams too pick from. The guys here at our school are all messed up on their brackets and most are very opinionated about it. On Saturday the two games will be played to see who moves onto the next game to award a National Championship. Odds are for UCONN to take it all home with them being the highest ranked, but all these teams stepped up and got this far. Any of these teams are capable they came this far and you can't say just yet who will be in that championship game. I wouldn't mind seeing Butler and UK in the championship game. Like I said before, UNC is out so from here on out I'm not one to care too much who wins now. Overall this year's tournament has not been what people have predicted and is not over yet.

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