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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

G.N.I. Movie

Being a teenage girl there are times during the weekend when you want to be exciting and wild and other time when you want to be lazy and comfortable at home. Last weekend it was one of the lazy/comfortable days on Saturday. I watched three movies, one of them being Sleepover starring Alexa Vega. Throughout this whole movie Juile, Hannah, Yancy and Farrah compete with the "popular" girls to get an amazing lunch spot by the fountain when they go into high school in the fall. To get this lunch spot the girls have to dress an Old Navy mannequin with their own clothes, get a guy from the Cosmo Club to buy them a drink, steal a Safety Patrol official decal off one of their cars, and borrow a pair of Steve Philips boxer shorts, whom Juile has a crush on. Once both teams get these items with a picture of it they have to meet in the high school parking lot with everything, which both teams do. Now whoever gets the crown from the dance gets the lunch spot, Steve gets the crown and asks Juile to dance. He puts the crown on her head while they dance because he finds out about the scavenger hunt. Now the girls will go through high school sitting by the fountain and the other girls have to sit by the dumpsters. I think this is a prefect girls night in movie for teenage girls. It shows anything is possible and you can make your own fun with little things you have to do.
The picture above is of (L to R) Yancy, Juile, Hannah, and Farrah from the movie which came out in 2004.

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