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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chocolate Cuties

My most favorite animal is a Chocolate Labrador. This never use to be my favorite breed on dog until I got my puppy, Miley. I use to love Dalmatians, but I found out they actually aren't a very nice pet to have at all. Labs have such a fun personality. Miley is always wanting to play and be around people. She is a very nice and gentle around all my little siblings, but is very protective when the UPS man or an unfamiliar person is around, but she warms up to them after she knows they will not harm us. They're a dog for energetic owners who have a lot of time for playing and are willing to be active. I love the chocolate color of their coat, they just look so rich and cute! Also their faces are so adorable and lovable. Miley is the perfect companion, labradors are just the best pet!

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