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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a yummy feeling

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 30, 2011 was another day filled with amazing food. For breakfast I had multigrain cheerios. I used to not really like cheerios until I tried this kind and a few others. I like these cheerios because you don't need to put sugar on them for it to taste good. During lunch we could either have hot ham and cheese or tacos. I chose the taco but was saddened when I noticed they didn't have sour cream to put on them. I would rather have sour cream on my tacos than salsa, but that's just me. So in the end, I ate my taco plain and it sort of hit the spot. After I ate my taco I went to the salad bar to get a peanut butter and honey sandwich and then I got some corn. Those two things were really good. Later in the day, during comp/speech we got cupcakes because Jenna made them for her how to video. Then even later during Journalism I got two more cupcakes and bars that Paige made. Both of them had chocolate in them and I can honestly say I was really craving chocolate, because they were both so amazing! At gymnastics I had a little piece of a granola bar and a mamba (type of candy like starburst, only different flavors) during fruit break. After practice I went and picked out flower for prom and my boyfriend, Michael, took me out to eat at Applebees. I had the chicken broccoli alfredo without the broccoli, a bread stick also came with that, it was so good. I like broccoli just not cooked. After the main meal we got dessert, and guess what? It was a triple chocolate meltdown, so more chocolate for Sam this day. It is a brownie with chocolate on it and it also comes with ice cream. If you go to Applebees, and are looking for an amazing desert, try that one, it will for sure hit the spot.

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