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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last one for the week...

Got another hair style for all of you again. This time I decided I would do something a little different by doing a braid. I think that this is a very easy hair style and you don't really have to use any hair products either.
This braid that I did is called a fish tail braid. It is a very simple braid to do and easy to learn if you don't know how to do it. You could put your hair in a side pony tail, one on the top of your head, or just no ponytail at all. Once you decided where you want the braid at you go and separate your hair in two. When you get that done you can start braiding it. To do that you take a piece of hair from the outside on one piece of your hair and bring it over so it combines with the other strand. To make it look more like a fish tail it works better if you use smaller strands of hair and not so big of ones. Again like I said before its not that hard of a hair style to do.

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