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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesdays homework!

On march 23rd, 2011 I went to biology and sense there was a lot of people gone we were given work book pages to do and also another day to work on the assignment that was due. I got that done in class so I dint have any homework in that class. After 3rd hour I went to literary analysis and we talked about the chapters that we read and then we were assigned to read chapter 6. After lunch I have geometry and we started that class by going over our assignment. We took a quiz after we were done about special triangles. When everyone was done with that then we went over the second part of the assignment and were assigned number 28-38 in chapter 9.5. The assignment was kinda hard at first till we went over it then it was easier. Then in comp/speech we were given a worksheet to work on plus chapter 10 and 11 study guide questions. During 7th hour geography we presented our road trip project so there was no homework in that class. During the last class of the day, journalism, we working on out blogs and had to comment on two other blogs. That was my homework for the day.

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  1. I'd like to hear more from the road trip project. Do you have any pictures?