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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snicker Doodle for Supper!

Yesterday evening I was not in the mood to eat supper. I don't know if I ate too much and I was too full or if it was just because I didn't feel so good. We had BBQs and I had three bites of one when I was made two of them. Backing up a little bit to earlier in the day though when I was very hungry I talked about making a snicker doodle salad which I accomplished doing yesterday afternoon and it was absolutely scrumptious. This salad is really not a salad. It consists of whipped cream, vanilla instant pudding, cut up snickers candy bars, and cut up apples. There ended up being a lot of this salad in the ending result. Before I ate this I also had some cheesy broccoli which was alright. It didn't really hit the spot too much but it did fill me up. That is all what my Tuesday night supper consisted of.

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