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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mmmm... FOOD!

Tuesday started out the same way as Monday. I had two pieces of toast with braunschweiger and it was amazing. My mom doesn't buy it that often, so when she does I definitely take advantage of eating it! It was now 11:35 and time for lunch at school again. The choice was either chicken noodle hot dish or a meatball sub. I went with the meatball sub, because I know they are good at subway so I took my chances here at school. Taking my chances was a good idea, because the meatball sub was really, really good. Once I got done eating that I went to the salad bar to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I would much rather had honey instead of jelly, but jelly did the trick. After school I went to Watertown and had supper with my family at Perkins. I had a chef wrap, fries, and a piece of apple pie. I was a little skeptical about trying the wrap, but it turned out to be something that I would for sure eat again. The wrap had ham, turkey, lettuce, egg, and ranch on it. I would definitely recommend it, if you go to Perkins. After the main meal, I was really craving some pie. I really wanted banana cream pie, but Perkins doesn't make that anymore, how crazy? Honestly you should take if off your menu if you don't make it anymore, otherwise you disappoint customers like me who really wanted banana cream pie. So instead I had apple pie, it was good but not particularly what I was craving.

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