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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Papa John's Delivered!

I long for the days when my mom calls asking if we want pizza for supper. Of course, the immediate answer is yes. Then the big question of where to get it from. Well, tonight the choiceswere my two favorite places Papa Murphy's and Papa John's. Papa John's won it tonight because I didn't feel like cooking the pizza when it got home; I wanted to eat it rightaway. Papa John's is one of my favorites because I love their breadsticks and garlic butter dipping sauce. Papa John's is definitely my recent new found pizza love. You can probably guess by now I had Papa John's for supper. I could smell it as soon as my mom walkedin with it. A pepperoni pizza and breadsticks is the usual at my house and that's exactly what we got. I usually eat way more breadsticks than pizza because they are my favorite. Along with this delicioussupper, I decided to drink a mini fruit punch gatorade. Fruit punch is my favorite kind of gatorade and I haven't had one in quiteawhile so it tasted quite refreshing. My whole supper reallyhit the spot. It definitely filled me upfor the night.

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