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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North Carolina, also known as UNC may not have been rated number 1 in their division for march madness, but in my book they are still rated number one. In the first round of the tournament the Tar-heels came out on fire and beat rated number 15 Long Island by fifteen points. They then moved on to round two and beat rated number 7 Washington by three points. The game was a close call but they still came out on top. After defeating Washington UNC moved on to play rated number 11 Marquette and beat then by twenty-two points. UNC made it to the final eight, and lost to rated number four Kentucky by only seven points. The game was close within the last five minutes of the game. North Carolina had a chance to take the lead and they were leading with about two minutes left and then Kentucky hit a three and then it went downhill from there. I think that it was pretty awesome that they made it to the final eight. They made it farther than Duke which made me happy because a lot of people think that Duke is way better. But personally I like UNC because they were the underdogs and a minority liked them, and because their colors were cooler! But, I think that UNC is better, they beat Duke once this year and that was awesome.

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