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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gettin' the Heck Into Dodge

Being a small town girl from South Dakota means that I don't get out and explore the world a whole lot. I did, however, recently pack up my mom's not so trusty Buick, and head down to Dodge City, Kansas. My sister moved there a few months ago after she got a job at their new United Wireless arena/event center, which is pictured at the left.
We left Clear Lake bright and early at around 6:30 in the morning and met my sister Jessica in Brookings. It's been awhile since our last family roadtrip, so she was a little pest. The car was incredibly packed full and cramped, but we managed to survive the 1o hour, 667 mile drive. I was asleep for most of South Dakota, and Nebraska was just a little too boring to look at. I was fascinated by the mini oil rigs in Kansas since there aren't any to look at in South Dakota.
While down there, we explored the city and did a little shopping, and did a lot of eating out! It was pretty cloudy and drizzly for the two days we were there, but that didn't stop us. We even traveled to towns around the area, including Garden City. There was such a huge culture change in Kansas. I believed there would be cowboys all over the place, but instead we were the minority. With a lot of cattle plants and things like that in the area, there were a large number of Hispanics.
The drive home took an hour longer than the drive there. It was snowing all the way from Kansas to Lincoln, Nebraska. Leaving was sad, but we are making the trek back (by plane) in July. Dodge City Days is during that time and Rodney Atkins is going to be in concert, so I'm convincing my dad that's the perfect time to go!

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