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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Surprise

I was glued to the TV last night watching the season finale of Teen Mom 2. In this episode I didn't really think that much happened with Kailyn. I'm glad that Kailyn and Jo got things figured out about who gets their son Isaac when. I am not surprised that Jenelle went to jail because of all of the bad decisions she has made. If she would have avoided going over to see Kieffer like her mother told her to, none of this would have happened. She should have listened to her mother when she was telling Jenelle about how her boyfriend Kieffer was bad for her. I am so shocked that Jenelle's mom didn't yell at her more! If I were in that situation I wouldn't see daylight for years I think! Kieffer is just plain stupid for thinking that Jenelle will just bail him out of jail like that after all of the trouble he has caused with her, but Jenelle proved me wrong and went to bail him out and do everything for him once again.
I can't believe that Chelsea's daughter Aubree is already 1 year old. I was surprised when Chelsea's dad had Adam's car towed from Chelsea's house. I agree with what Chelsea said about how it seems like Adam cares more about his car than he does his own daughter.
I thought that the dresses that Leah picked out for her girls were adorable! Her twins are so cute and the dresses only made them looked better. Leah's dress was absolutely gorgeous on her. I liked all of the bridesmaid dresses except for one of them. The one I didn't like was the only one that was a different color, and it was brown while the rest were green. It was really funny how Corey and Leah have been living together for a while, but they decided to stay apart the night before their wedding.

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