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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Day New Style

Well its a new day which brings new hair styles. Today I decided to make my hair look curly. To do that I washed my hair. After I did that I let it dry for a while, once I thought it was dry enough I took it out of the towel and brushed through my hair until it was nice and smooth. After I got done with all of that I took some spray gel. I use aussie for my hair products. After I put the hair product in I take my hand and scrunch my hair all together making the hair look curly.
I have tired other products in my hair put I would have to say that aussie would be my favorite because it seems to work the best. It keeps my hair in place where I want it. Many people ask why I don't moose in my hair. Well I have but I think it doesn't work the best because it doesn't really stay in my hair. I would recommend other people to use aussie cause I think it is a good hair product.

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