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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More and More...

On Saturday, March 27 it was a nice day in the state of South Dakota. Lots of melting was going on even though it was a tad cold outside. With all the melting that is going on many people are putting sand bags around their place if they live next to a creek, river, or lake to try and make sure that their house is safe. The Willow Creek that is in Watertown, SD is flooding really bad causing them to close 29th street. Also the Big Sioux River in Watertown, SD is flooding causing the city to put dikes up to make sure that the river doesn't end up on Highway 212.
I think with all the flooding going on the people that live next to the water should take precaution and put sand bags around their house to save it as much as possible if they don't have flood insurance on their house. If you can't get sand bags around your house in time you might want to move to a different place until it is all over.

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