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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blood Types!

Thursday was yet another not too exciting day in Biology 151. We took notes over the immune system again. We really got in depth with talking about blood types. Mrs. Lundberg explained how to figure out what your blood type is. For example, you need a certain antibody and a certain antigen to have B blood. You also can be positive or negative. This is based on whether or not you have Rh present in your blood. Mrs. Lundberg had toy-like things to help us better explain what she was telling us. In a little baggy, she had two red blood cells and three kinds of antigens and antibodies. She would tell us which to put together to make a certain blood type. This really helped understanding blood types. I personally think its a lot better to visualize something then just hear it being said. We also plan on doing a lab to figure out what our own blood type is sometime next week. This should be an interesting lab.
The toy-like things looked something like the picture above. The picture above is a chart explaining which antibodies and antigens you need present in your blood to be a certain blood type.

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