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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massive Melting

Its spring once again and I'm sure everyone is glad that it is. Since it it spring you get warmer weather and melting going on. In Watertown over the winter the Keloland News said that they got approximately 70 inches of snow this winter. With melting of snow many things can happen such as flooding and the washing out of roads. There is a road just a couple miles west of Empi in Clear Lake that is washed out because of the water the runs underneath the road. All the snow that has melted water is filling up the ditches and dug outs in the pastures. If you look down the side of the road as you go down Highway 22 to the interstate you will see a lot of water running down the ditches like a waterfall. I feel like every year when the snow melts it melts way to fast causing massive flooding in every town in South Dakota and other states.

The photo on the top is taken just on the out skirts of town. The picture to the right is the creek behind my place that is flooding.

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  1. I agree with you that the snow melts too fast and then there is way to much flooding! I'm glad that the snow is gone but I don't like all of the flooding either!