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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favorite Artist?

Who do you think is your favorite artist? My favorite artist as of right now would have to be Michelle Branch or Pink. Michelle is twenty-eight years old and her first hit album was wrote in 2000. She had two top songs and they were The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper. My favorite song by her is Breathe. I think that most of her songs are pretty good! Pink is another one of my favorite artists. Her real name is Alecia Beth Moore. She is thirty-two years old and still making some pretty good songs. One of my favorite songs by her is called Perfect. She sings mostly pop and pop rock songs. Her first album was called There You Go. Personally these are my favorite singers because they are pop singers. I like to listen to these artist, I listen to them about everyday. Music is a big part of my daily routine, normally I have music playing about every chance I have. I sometimes fall asleep to music and when I get ready for things I love to listen to it.

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