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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fighting Off Infections!

In Biology 151, we are learning on the immune system. Today, we went over active vs. passive immunity. We completed a note taking guide along with the information we talked about. We also touched base on what we talked about yesterday which was adaptive immunity. In adaptive immunity, you discuss things like B cells, T cells, memory cells, macrophages, and many others. The adaptive immunity information was kind of hard for me and I think most of the class. It is a little complex, but it got easier after hearing Mrs. Lundberg talk in class. Active and passive immunity are a lot easier to think about because its things you hear about a lot. Discussion included talking about getting vaccinated and when you need certain vaccinations. Other discussions were getting antibodies from horses back in the day. On the left are some of the cells involved with the immune system.
I personally think the immune system is quite interesting. To learn about how your body fights off infections is just fascinating to me. Some of topics are hard to grasp, but at the end of the day I like it a lot.

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