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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Awards were awarded

Awards night was held on March 22nd, 2011 in the Cardinal Gymnasium. Athletes, parents, and coaches from the winter sports seasons came together to award all these athletes in their accomplishments this past sports season. Coaches gave a brief overview over their seasons and thanked these athletes for the great seasons they gave the coaches this past year.
All of the Deuel winter sports had great success in their seasons this year. Everyone was happy to see how far they went and what they accomplished. The girls basketball team finally broke a really long term road block and that was finally bringing home the District Championship plaque. Boys basketball surprised everyone over the last season they just had, the odds were against them and they pulled through and showed what they could do, ending with a winning season record. Wrestlers here at Deuel were not high in numbers or age by any means, but they did have success. The wrestlers worked hard and did the best they could, qualifying four into the state tournament with one placing. Gymnastics had an absolute perfect season! Finally upset the Madison Bulldogs and brought home the State Championship Title. Cheerleaders were a big help for the boys sports this year and kept the crowd into the games and matches. Great seasons to all!

Picture to the left is Gymnastics coach, Mr. Lynn Gudmundson giving his overview of the season and all the accomplishments the girls had.

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