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Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Day's: numero cuatro

On Thursday, March 24, 2011, was just another day in the life of Sam. The day started early once again with having play practice at 7. Since it started at 7 I had to get up at 5:45, to make sure I would look nice for the day. After arriving at play practice we went through the whole play, as we always do and it took us about an hour.

After they let us out of practice I went to my first class: homeroom. Homeroom is always a ton of fun. After that I went to biology where we worked on a lab, those are always interesting. Once biology was over I went to Spanish. Spanish was now over and I went to study hall to finish the homework that I had just gotten that morning.

Lunch was now on and it was a good meal. At noon when the lunch break was over I went to Algebra and finished a quiz, it was kind of a hard one but I got through it. Next, I was off to comp speech where I worked on my "how to" video about vault. Now, it was time for geography where we just looked up things in the text book. The last class of the day was journalism and we had lots of food, for Mrs. Walder taking her test to pass her class.

Once I got done with school I headed down to the gym for track practice. I worked on high jump again, getting ready for the meet on Friday. After track practice I went home to eat supper and then headed off to gymnastics practice. At practice we did bars and vault, and I recorded my "how to" video. It had already been a long day and I made it even longer by going tanning. Tanning is always so relaxing, though.

After I left from tanning, I headed home. It was a long 20 minute drive, let me tell you. After I got home I ate something just because I had worked out so much. I settled down for the night and it was finally time for bed. It seems as if I never have time for anything but the play, track, school, and gymnastics, but o well its a crazy life and is sure is interesting.

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