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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Everything is Groovy?

   Deuel High School's musical is coming up, and students have been practicing hard. I like being in plays. This is my first actual musical. musical practice was suppose to be today, but it has been move due to weather purposes. I personally love practices. It is a lot of hard word, but it is also really fun. You get to see different sides of different people, and get to know people you may not of normally gotten to know on normal terms. I think the whole idea of theatre brings people together. This years musical is going to be really fun. It's called Everything's Groovy and it's based on the 1960's. So far it has been really fun. Mrs. Walder and Mrs. Hanson have been working really hard on making sure that the show is going to be great. The two make a great team.

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