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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two New Bills trying to be passed

Texting and driving is a huge topic for the legislature right now. Two bills have been sent to the house is hopes of becoming a law. The two bills are closely related, but have minor differences. Both bills are explained at this link.
In my opinion I think it is a good idea to make texting and driving illegal. Everyone is texting it seems like these days, but their is a point where is should be acceptable and when not to be and when driving it should not be allowed. Taking your own life for something like this is much different then putting others at risk of an accident because of you texting. Why not just pass the bill and people can stop saying how big of a hazard it is anymore and now people will be punished for their stupidity. You could be a great driver yourself, but it only takes those few seconds to look at a text, send a text, or even check your phone to change your life or someone else's.

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