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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whew! It's Finally Over!

I guess I'm pretty happy with the way the elections yesterday turned out. I'm not really one way or the other, I just kind of pick a person and go with it. I was pretty happy that Kristi Noem won just because Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has had plenty of time in office. I guess I don't really know what she's accomplished, but it's just time to freshen up South Dakota's image.
I'm glad the Dennis Daugaard won governor. I think I trust him more because he's the Lt. Governor now, so he's been around the kind of business the governor does. The other guy just didn't seem as into it as Dennis did. All of his commercials were put-downs, but Dennis's were actually talking about his background and his plans for this wonderful state of South Dakota.

P.S. I think Mary Nosbush should have won Deuel County Auditor! I'm Team Mary from Gary! (:

I also am super duper excited that the smoking ban is in effect. Yes, it affects a lot of people, but it was have an even greater positive effect. I know I don't like to go to restaurants that have smoke in the air. It just ruins my appetite. And as for medical marijuana, I am perfectly fine with that not passing. Hallelujah! I know it can help people with problems, but then you look at all the people that would take advantage of doctors to try and get a prescription for it. I'm sure that many people have survived without it in South Dakota, so why take the risk?

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  1. "...take advantage of doctors..."

    Hmmm... people take advantage of over-the-counter drugs and other products to cook meth. People misuse alcohol, drive drunk, get in fights, etc. Do we ban those items, or just impose proper legal oversight?