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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Election is Over!

Well, I'm not really that much into the election so I don't have that great of an opinion on it. To me it doesn't really matter who wins as long as they don't make any drastic changes that will make a turn for the worse for any of my family or friends. I've never really been too interested in politics or anything along those lines. As long as the person who wins knows what they are doing and wants to make things better for the people. As for the laws that were passed I am quite happy about the smoking ban one. It will be really nice to walk into a place and not have to worry about trying to eat your food while the person next to you is smoking up a storm. That will definitely be a nice change to South Dakota.
On the other hand, I excited for the election to be over because I was really getting annoyed with all the commercials about politics. My opinion on Kristi Noem's commercials and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's commercials are they were getting a little bit over the top. To me if I was voting it wouldn't matter to me too much how many speeding tickets they got, etc. I would only care how they are going to better this country.

Click here to see the election results.


  1. But sometimes, don't we need drastic change? Historically, getting rid of slavery, creating Social Security and Medicare, even going to war with Hitler—all were pretty drastic changes... but we needed them, didn't we?

  2. I totally agree about not being involved in the politics and just hoping someone doesn't make drastic changes. I'm also glad all these commercials will be over and done with and there will be no more television bickering going on because it was getting old.