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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have never really got into the elections or politics I just hear things from other people. I guess I'm not really into this stuff quite yet because I'm not old enough to vote. I think with who won the elections I don't really have a place to talk about since I'm not into the whole election thing so I trust peoples judgement.

The outcome I am happy with though is that smoking is banned in public areas. I used to live in Minnesota a few years ago and when I lived there smoking was banned in public places too which was a very good move. I think this will do a lot for our state and when you are sitting down to eat an enjoyable meal you won't have to breath in someone elses second hand smoke. People can go outside and smoke but they don't have to do it around waiters or waitresses at a restaurant who don't have a choice but to breath it in. I'm hoping the percentage of heart disease will go down due to this good change and everyone can live a good healthy life.

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