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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yale Fraternity

You never know what your going to get from a pledge. A pledge, as in someone who is trying to be in a Fraternity. It was seen on a YouTube video that spread way too quickly. The video was about some fraternity's new pledges marching through Yale University and encouraging rape.
First off I don't think this should have even been allowed to be put onto YouTube at all. That would be the first mistake that they made. Next I wouldn't have let the leaders of the fraternity make those kids do that. I personally think that Fraternity's are kind of a waste of time, but they can also be a good thing
The Fraternity that was doing this was Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi. They went through the streets shouting things like "no means yes," and other things. That is so rude and should not be, being said on a college campus of all places. Frankly it shouldn't be, being said at all because that is really wrong and is setting a bad example for the younger generation, that is coming up.
I am glad thought that it says in this article that the Women's Center and the Delta Kappa Epsilon met to have a discussion on how this was very wrong. Mary Miller, the dean of Yale Univerity, hopes that the discussions with lead to some more respect. Though you don't find out if people were punished or not in this article I sure hope some actions were taken as to some sort of punishment.
We should not be letting this kind of thing happen on our most prized Universities. I know for sure that Yale is one of the best colleges you can go to in the United States. So just think if that sort of thing is happening there it could happen anywhere. Plus in a small town it could be even worse since you would know more of the people and it could get way more out of control. If you would like to see more please see this link - http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/10/18/connecticut.yale.frat.chant/index.html.

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