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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urgent Message!

Texting while driving to me is simply just no acceptable. Why would you want to risk the life of someone else or yourself simply because you HAVE to send that one text. That one text you decide to send while driving a motorized vehicle could take someone's life. Imagine the guilt you would feel for the rest of your life knowing that the decision to text while you were driving took a life.
States try and put laws against it but really there is no way from preventing people to make this not so intelligent decision. It's has to be their own idea and self discipline to not do it. Studies have proven that only two percent of the entire population is able to efficiently multitask. So those of you who think you are able to multitask while driving are sadly mistaken.
You wouldn't drive a car drunk, so why would you drive and text? It has been proven that texting and driving is worse than driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.


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