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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dangers on the work site!

Be careful and don't fall in! There are lots of elevators in the state of South Dakota. There is one near Warner that has had an accident. A man that works at the elevator got trapped in a corn bin for two and a half hours after corn fell around him to his chest.
Being careful while working with grain should be on the top of your list on things to do, if you are a person that deals with grain. If you are ever going to be going into a grain bin any time soon make sure you have another person with you. Having another person with you will help you not get in the predicament that this man in the story was put in.
Another thing that people could do to stay safe is tie a rope around your waist to the ladder to get into the bin. When they fall into the grain they will be able to be saved faster. To me I think this would be a lot easier than waiting for hours before you get saved. One last thing you could do is make sure you have someone out side on the bin so that way you can holler and have the person out there help you get out.
Be careful don't fall in! I think there are many other ways that will help make sure that people don't get trapped in grain bins.

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