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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starbucks Serving more than just an Expresso Buzz

Starbucks makes delicious coffee, although I don't personally like coffee. I more so enjoy their frappuccinos. The vanilla bean, double blended, drink makes me melt like butter in the microwave. I just want Starbucks to stay the same!

The coffee enterprise is going from baristas to bartenders. Starbucks is testing the sale of beer and wine at a Seattle location. Craft beer and local wine will be on the menu after 4 p.m. Their idea is that they will attract customers after their morning expresso shots!

I don't like this idea at all. I love the way Starbucks is now. It has an uplifting atmosphere and full of positive energy. I like the idea that it is a cute little coffee shop. The whole ora would be different if alcohol was to be served there. The quiet atmosphere would turn into a rowdy bar crowd. I think Starbucks should stick with what they've been doing, and let the bars handle selling alcohol. If they wanted to have a wider variety of drinks or attract more customers, why not sell fruit smoothies or lemonade. I think they could lose customers. Why would a parent want to bring their child into a "bar" to have coffee or what not. I just do not approve of this change.

Starbucks NEEDS to stay the same! I'm sure they make enough money with their delicious and high priced hot drinks. Alcohol does not need to be sold at Starbucks, there are other businesses for that!

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