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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st(50 years ago) 1962

The article that I chose to write about is called, "Is Space Boss Dragging Feet?". This time, the article that I am writing about was written on May 1st, 1962, in stead of 2002. This article was written exactly 50 years ago from today. This article seemed like it was interesting, that is why I made the choice to read it. This article is about an article that was written previously by New York Times. The previous article was about how they think that John F. Kennedy was not pushing for the proposal for a satellite communications system. People did not think that there was enough satellite communications while he testified that "AT&T was a is already en economic octopus of staggering size.". I think that this article shows that sometimes you will get shot down by a lot of people, but you just need to stick to how you feel. Here is the link to the Article..... May 1st, 1962.

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