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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In the article I read in the today's newspaper, it was about poverty in South Dakota. The South Dakota Voices for Children went to talk to Watertown residents last week about the status of the state's children and poverty. In the article, they want to help decrease the poverty level because it is getting high. I definitely do agree with that because I do feel like the poverty level is getting high in South Dakota. Not necessarily in my county but in other counties. I would say that the poverty level would be higher out in the western part of South Dakota and not the eastern part. They also talked about providing after school programs for the kids. They think that would be a good idea because there would be supervised activities that encourage learning and development outside of school. I think that would also be a good idea to do because it would help children get help if they really need it for school if they can't get any help at all.

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