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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mad Cow

The mad cow disease was found in a cow in California. The cow is going to have further testing on in Iowa. I think that they shouldn't let a cow have this disease. What if they took this cow to the slaughter house? People could've gotten sick from the meat. It is very scary to think about how dangerous this disease actually is. It is safe for the milk products, but not the meat. I think that the USDA should take more test and be more aware that a disease like this can come up, even how rarely this disease shows up. The farmers should be aware of this disease and know the symptoms for mad cow disease, it is also known as BSE. I think that farmers should be aware that their cows could have this disease. Even though this disease doesn't show up very often it should be known. Sometimes the symptoms aren't noticeable. I think that the meat should be tested before a consumer eats the meat. They didn't find the disease in an alive cow they found it in a dead cow. What if that cow was produced into meat? Think of all the dangers that could've happened if it was consumed by humans. People would've not of been very happy because of the side effects. They could've been very ill. If this cow was turned into meat I am sure many people would've been very upset with the USDA. This is not a good situation to hear and know about. The mad cow disease could be in any cow and we wouldn't know it. It is very scary to know that I could've consumed this cow's meat. I hope that they test the meat before they ship it out, because it could be contaminated. I don't want to have to worry about becoming sick from eating beef.

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