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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frat Gets Probation

I just read a story about a Darmouth College Fraternity. The story was about how the college hazes pledges. I think that hazing is wrong in all the wrong ways. You don't need to do something that you wouldn't normally do to fit in with a group of people. I don't think that they should be able to do that. I think that the college should do more to prevent hazing. Hazing has been around for a long time and not much action has been taken to end it. Aren't fraternities supposed to set good examples to undergraduates? I guess they don't. I think that all colleges need to ban hazing and start setting good examples. They should be the leaders and make a change in hazing. If hazing happens the people that haze should be penalized on the campus, such as getting kicked out of the whatever house they are in. It is absolutely disgusting what they have these people do. It is usually the freshman that are pressured into doing these things. It is their first experience living away from home and they want to fit in. They want to fit in so much that they do stupid stuff. A lot of the times they get sick and sometimes hazing even leads to death. The freshman are the most vulnerable because they will be like all the upperclassmen have done this so I should too. I think that the freshmen should be aware of what is going on and that they don't have to do stupid things to fit in. They can find other things to do with their time and your true friends won't pressure you into doing something that'll  hurt you. Being physically and mentally hurt to be joined into a "group" is completely wrong. I think that hazing should be banned from colleges and high schools around the country. I think that this story is showing awareness of hazing. I think that the colleges shouldn't let hazing happen and should have it banned from their school. Having hazing in your school gives you a bad reputation. Having a bad reputation is not something to be proud of. They should make a change.

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