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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Staying Organized

Staying Organized is a hard thing for some high school students. Most students are organized but then there are quite a few students that are not organized at all. Students that are not organized, always lose their assignments or can't find their book or something to that affect.

Sophomore Kelly Vande Brake said, “I'm not definitely not organized so I really think that I need to get organized big time. Sometimes I tend to lose my assignments and then I have to redo them and it's not fun at all. I need to start putting my stuff into the right folders not just where ever.” Sophomore Karina Noem said, “For the most part, she is pretty organized in school. She has a folder for every class so she doesn't get her assignments lost. When it comes to being organized out of school, I'm still pretty organized I would have to say.”

A few ways to stay organized in school would have to be like Karina does, get different folders for each subject or like some other students, just get a five star notebook with its own folders and paper in there. Another idea is to keep your locker clean and to not throw any of your papers in there. The only thing that you really need in there is your textbooks.

A few ways to stay organized at home would have to be to make a list of stuff to do, writing stuff on the calendar, clean at least once a week, and keep your cupboards categorized, so you know where everything is located.

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