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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Social Media

The main source of social media used to be the newspapers. Way before they had newspapers, the only type of social media was talking to other people. Now a days that has changed. There are many different types of social media. The internet has a numerous amounts. Some very popular ones are Facebook and Twitter. There are many online news sources and there is lots of print media as well. People get the word out through them. Facebook has millions of users. If one person posts something and people start reposting what the original person had, there will be many people that will find out about it. Once someone posts something many other people will know about it. In this day in age media is a big thing. Lots and lots of people are interested in what is going on around the world and in their community. This video to me was very inspirational. A reason why it was inspirational was because of what he went through and how social media has helped many people around the world. Social media can change the way people look and think about things. One thing that Will quoted was, "Dictators can't live without the force." That quote was very inspirational to me. I think that what he said was very true. Dictators really can't live without having that force behind them. Social media changes things drastically. Going from just talking to one another about what is going on, to news print and now onto the internet. It is just crazy. What people are doing goes around very fast. You can just post something on Facebook and someone will more than likely have already seen that post within a few minutes or even seconds of posting it. Basically, what I am saying is that the social media is changing the world for the good or for the worst. You decide.

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