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Thursday, February 9, 2012

rudeness in people!

Today I will be blogging about kids in school. When you see somebody that needs help, would you be the one to stop and help them, no matter who, or what they looked like? The world now a days has turned into such a bad place. I was waling down the street the other day and I happened to have dropped a ten dollar bill, and normally I would have stopped to pick it up but I didn't even notice and as I was walking away I reached into my pocket to grab my cash and it wasn't there so i turned around to see if it was on the ground and a gentleman , around the age of 20 to 25, picked it up, looked right at me and then stuck it into his back pocket and walked away. I understand that he did not know that it was my money, but you would think that he would have asked. Then, on top of that, I yelled to him and told him politely that it was my ten dollar bill and he stopped, did not turn around, then started walking again. I just could not believe that he would not have given it back to me. Then i figured that it was only ten dollars, and maybe he needed it more then me. I am not saying that everybody in the world is like that man, I am just saying that people need to start learning manners again, and maybe the world would become a nicer place.

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